MobileInfocenter is now GlassWave

Introducing GlassWave. GlassWave is the new corporate parent of MobileInfocenter.

The GlassWave brand name draws its inspiration from a modern habit we now all employ on a daily basis. As you scroll your finger across your smartphone display your finger is surfing – a perfect glass wave – in the palm of your hand. GlassWave is that perfect glassy wave on a windless sunny beach day.

MobileInfocenter was founded in January 1999 as a website about mobile computing. As we approach 20 years of covering and building mobile apps the need for a new namesake became clear.

GlassWave is our concept for the future. With our apps your screen becomes that perfect glassy wave in the digital ocean.

With our new launch we also have some new tool to stay up to date with all things GlassWave. You can bookmark our official blog (RSS) for the latest on our apps and updates or sign up for our email newsletter and be sure to follow @GlassWaveApps on Twitter.

Announcement: PhoneFavs Will Be Closing

An important announcement regarding the future of PhoneFavs

The PhoneFavs website and service will be closing down effective Dec 31st, 2014. At this time we have decided to end of life the product to focus on our mobile app business.

Please save or manually export any links or bookmarks you wish to save as they will no longer be available or accessible in 2015.

You can keep up with the latest MobileInfocenter news at our website.

Thank you for your support.

New Political News App Brings You Into the Mix

iPhone iPad iOS Political News App
Politomix is a new political news app for iPhone and iPad. Politomix delivers the day’s US political news to your iDevice in one real time news stream.

The app combines, categorizes and delivers the news from all sides of the aisle in one convenient location. Enjoy a curated selection of the latest trending articles and exclusive live stream event coverage.

Articles are automatically styled and sorted based on their source’s respective general political leanings. Blue represents left wing progressive media sources, black for traditional mainstream organizations, and red for right wing conservative sources. Readers can swipe and scan the latest news and catch up on what’s currently trending. Easily share, tweet or Facebook your favorites with the tap of a button.


Politomix — the political news wire where left, right and center mix.

Free Download – App Store