Blockchain Solutions by GlassWave

Philadelphia, PA — (PRESS RELEASE) GlassWave LLC has announced the creation of a new business unit. GlassWave Blockchain Solutions is our new vehicle to help accelerate crypto adoption. This new unit will offer turnkey and custom solutions for users and business to take advantage of the considerable opportunities of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

According to research firm IDC, organizations are forecast to spend nearly $6.6 billion on blockchain solutions this year, an increase of more than 50% compared to 2020. In our view this unparalleled growth is poised to rapidly accelerate and continue in the coming years.

GlassWave will utilize its blockchain development expertise to offer custom solutions and consulting services. With Bitcoin and other next generation blockchain technologies in the ascendance, GlassWave can help firms understand the exciting new opportunities available in the cryptocurrency sphere.

NFT Mint

We can create and mint custom NFT tokens. NFT’s or nonfungible tokens live on the blockchain and can be completely customized to your needs and processes. Examples include inventory, company assets, works of art, media or property real, virtual or physical.

Cryptocurrency Creation

We can create and setup custom cryptocurrency tokens. The custom crypto can has the name, symbol and quantity of your choice. We can deploy on the Algorand blockchain with no complicated setup, servers or crypto knowledge required.

Blockchain Consulting Services

How can Blockchain technology benefit your business? GlassWave offers personalized professional consulting services for business of all sizes and scopes. Let’s start a conversation about how you can move your business forward and benefit from the new wave of decentralized financial technology.


WaveCoin Cryptocurrency PromoWaveCoin is our newly launched native crypto token created to showcase our cryptocurrency offering. It is a fully functional crypto running on the Algorand blockchain.

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