WaveCoin Cryptocurrency Debuts

GlassWave today announced the debut of WaveCoin, a new crypto utility token on the Algorand blockchain. WaveCoin is a digital cryptocurrency designed to showcase the utility of our new Blockchain Solutions group.

WaveCoin is powered by cutting edge blockchain technology. Transactions finalize in less than 5 seconds on a fully renewable energy powered, carbon negative blockchain. The network it runs on is capable of handling over 10,000 transactions per second, is fully decentralized and runs on a pure proof of stake consensus protocol.

Potential future uses for WaveCoin include reward tokens for ecosystem development, and as a demonstration tool to showcase the speed and responsiveness of the Algorand blockchain.

WaveCoin Airdrop
Over the month of May, GlassWave will be distributing WaveCoin tokens to our readers and community. Read more here to opt into the airdrop.

WaveCoin crypto