Add PhoneFavs to iGoogle

PhoneFavs user rowanrook let me know of a good way to add your PhoneFavs bookmark list to your iGoogle personal homepage. Rowan found a plugin, called your page here, that lets you add any page as a tab in iGoogle.

To get it setup, create a new tab in your iGoogle, call it PhoneFavs or bookmarks whatever you would like. Then go to the your page here site and add the plugin or click this to add it. Once you have it setup enter the URL of your bookmarks page ( and you’re all set.

PhoneFavs Reviewed at BBGeeks

BlackBerry enthusiast website has posted a review of PhoneFavs.

All in all, the PhoneFavs application is a great little addition to your web based bookmarking portfolio.

There are plenty of websites that I shy away from while browsing online with my BlackBerry because they are not particularly suited to the mobile experience. Using the Mobilizer functionality at has made the process of browsing non-mobile websites a little less painful.

Thanks for the nice comments guys!

Internationalization Support

world map

Just wanted to let everyone know that PhoneFavs now fully supports all international characters, that is, anything other than the standard roman alphabet. We always had, yet a small database misconfiguration (just recently corrected) was preventing extended characters from being saved and displayed properly.

What this means in plain English is that if you want to bookmark a Japanese page with a title and description in Japanese characters, these will be properly saved and correctly displayed on PhoneFavs. The same goes for any other language, German, Polish, Russian, Thai script and so on…

Bookmark Importer Improvements

The PhoneFavs bookmark importer has been improved with support for creating tags out of your bookmark file’s folder hierarchy. Now when you import your bookmarks the current folder of the bookmarks will be automatically assigned as a tag for each bookmark.

The PhoneFavs bookmark importer is the easiest way to get your bookmarks online. Once imported your bookmarks are now accessible on any device via PhoneFavs and can easily be mobilized, searched and tag’d. The importer supports all major desktop browsers including Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and Netscape. You can even import from as well.

Full instructions can be found here.

Shortcut to your mobile bookmarks

We’ve just added a handy new url shortcut feature to quickly jump to your bookmarks from any device.

Hopefully you already know about our shortcut url Now you can simply add your username to the url and jump quickly to your mobile bookmarks. For example:

Where username is your own PhoneFavs username. Of course, if you have some bookmarks set to private, you will need to be logged in to view them.

Navigate By Number

You can navigate through PhoneFavs links using your Phone’s number keys on select devices that support it.

For instance, you can return to the PhoneFavs homepage from any section of the site by pressing the “0” key.

The homepage also lets you use keys 1-9 to navigate to each section. Going down the list #1 opens the directory, #2 opens the multisearch form, #3 opens the software store, #4 games and so on…

In your Favs display each number key from #1-9 will open the respective fav in the list, which is why we display nine per page. Currently the Favs number shortcuts open the direct link, but I’d be open to changing this to the mobilized link if users would find it more useful, let us know in the comments.