NFT’s on Algorand

GlassWave is supporting Algorand NFT artist FR4X on his endeavor to spread awareness about the exciting world of Algo NFT’s. GlassWave’s own crypto, WaveCoin, is powered by Algorand blockchain technology. FR4X is being commissioned to issue a new limited edition of GlassWave NFT’s.

With NFT’s exploding in popularity today. Users have a choice to make in where and how to create, collect and trade NFT’s. Algorand has emerged as one of the best blockchains for creating NFT’s. With its incredible fast and scalable network, Algo offers artists the ability to create and release art using crypto without the high fee’s and frustrations found on more crowded networks.

Algorand’s technical advantages allow for confirmed transactions in under 5 seconds. Fee’s are low and always fixed at .001 Algo per transaction (less than 1/10th of a penny). Most importantly for NFT artwork, the blockchain will never split or fork. Which means there will always only be one unique copy of an NFT as it should be.

From its humble beginnings as an organic peer to peer NFT trading group on Reddit, the Algorand NFT community has been growing by leaps and bounds this year. A thriving artist scene and an impassioned community is quickly building on this momentum.

New marketplaces and tools such as, Rand Gallery, AlgoGems, and NFTExplorer have begun to foster this emerging space into a true next generation crypto based creative ecosystem.

FR4X also known by @FR4XAL on Twitter, is an NFT artist and promoter. FR4X’s current NFT project features 3D animated fractal art. The collection is an evolving series of 127 unique 1/1 NFT’s issued on Algorand in a collectable 3D card format.

Need custom NFT’s created on Algorand or your own cryptocurrency? GlassWave Blockchain Solutions can help