Make it mobile with RSS

Here’s a useful PhoneFavs feature you may not have known about…

The PhoneFavs mobilizer can also handle most RSS and atom feeds. This can come in handy in a number of ways. For instance you can save RSS feed links as a Fav, and then access them to see the latest headlines from your feed and the links will be automatically mobilized.

Despite the prevalence of the mobile web these days, many sites still do not offer mobile versions of their content. In cases like that you can use a site’s rss feed to create a mobile version of site on PhoneFavs.

A good example would be the popular social news site Reddit. While the site is mostly text based, it also has a lot of ajax and javascript that may choke mobile browsers and prevent the site from working properly. Also all the links on Reddit go to desktop designed sites.

If you plugin Reddit’s rss feed into PhoneFavs you get a clean and mobile phone adapted version of the site. It loads quickly and all the links to articles will go through the PhoneFavs mobilizer! Click here to add Reddit to your Favs, and you can see it in action in the screenshot below:


You could even setup your own specific group of RSS links in your Favs. Just tag your feed’s as ‘rss‘ or ‘feed‘ to keep them in a special section. Just be sure to click on the mobilizer button to access the mobilized feeds.

AddtoAny Adds PhoneFavs

AddtoAny is a social bookmarking aggregator that provides a automated button for site owners and bloggers to add tho their site to give readers the option to save the current site or article on a myriad of social bookmarking sites and user services. For instance, with one button you can let your users save an article on digg, reddit, myspace, facebook, yahoo, a ton of other sites and now PhoneFavs as well!

You can see it in action at PalmInfocenter, underneath each article next to the permalink button is a link to “bookmark & share”, clicking on that will present the addtoany dialogue that lets users save the article on their desired site.

I’ve also added a link here so you can save to wherever you would like:

Add to Any Service

New PhoneFavs Logo

New PhoneFavs Logo

Our more astute users out there may have noticed our newly minted icon up above. The new PhoneFavs logo is a more modern take on the prevailing mobile phone form factor in a pseudo tri-dimensional style.

Many thanks to the fine pixel work of Dave at Glyph Lab. I basically asked Dave to improve upon the existing icon we had been using and he did a truly outstanding job.

What do you think?

New Feature – Homepage bookmarks widget

PhoneFavs Screenshot

We added a new feature today to the PhoneFavs homepage. If you’re currently signed in and have saved some Favs, three of your most recently added Favs will be displayed on the homepage. It’s a quick way to jump to your most recent adds, and you can still access the mobilizer as well by clicking on the green “m button”.

You can also navigate to your full list by clicking on the “my favs” link in the navigational header or by clicking the “User’s Latest Favs” link (where User is your account name).

We’ve also made the site a little more iPhone and iPod Touch friendly with a script which auto hides Safari’s top toolbar.

Tip of the Week

Welcome to the first installment of our Tip of the week feature.

Today’s tip is for quickly accessing PhoneFavs. Instead of keying in the full URL on your phone you can access the site via our shortcut URL.

Open your mobile browser of choice and go to:

You will be automatically redirected to Be sure to add a bookmark or better yet set PhoneFavs as your start-page (if your devices offers this feature) for quicker future access.

You can find more handy tips here.

Welcome to the PhoneFavs Blog

Welcome to the official PhoneFavs blog. Here we will share tips, announce new features and updates and chime in on things from time to time.  There are a lot of little hidden secrets and tricks in the site and we hope to detail and share them here.

As always we’d love to hear your feedback and are open to any suggestions. We’re contantly adding new features and thinking of ways to improve the user experience. So let us know how you’re using the site and what you’d like to see.

Hope you are enjoying PhoneFavs!