Navigate By Number

You can navigate through PhoneFavs links using your Phone’s number keys on select devices that support it.

For instance, you can return to the PhoneFavs homepage from any section of the site by pressing the “0” key.

The homepage also lets you use keys 1-9 to navigate to each section. Going down the list #1 opens the directory, #2 opens the multisearch form, #3 opens the software store, #4 games and so on…

In your Favs display each number key from #1-9 will open the respective fav in the list, which is why we display nine per page. Currently the Favs number shortcuts open the direct link, but I’d be open to changing this to the mobilized link if users would find it more useful, let us know in the comments.

Free Mobile Game Downloads from PhoneFavs

screenshot0007.jpg screenshot0008.jpg

In partnership with Greystripe, PhoneFavs has launched a new mobile game section of the PhoneFavs mobile portal. offers free mobile game downloads for hundreds of mobile handsets.

There are hundreds of games to choose from many leading mobile game developers. The titles are broken down into a number of categories including: Action, mobile pets, puzzle, Arcade Sports, Casino, One Thumb and many more. Leading titles include: Top Gun Air Combat, Arcade Park v1, Lego Bricks, Sonic, Solitaire, Speed Demons and Garfield Bowling.

The games are 100% free, but your service provider may charge for normal airtime and/or data usage. In exchange for the free downloads, the games display a very brief advertisement (which you can bypass) when it starts and exits.

The site attempts to auto detect your phone, if it does not you can choose the closest match from select phone list. The games are mostly standard Java J2ME apps, so if your phone supports java the games should work.

New Mobilizer Features

I spent some time fixing a few bugs and improving the mobilizer service. It’s now easy to access on its own domain at I sorted out a few rss feed issues, and corrected some bugs. There is also a new easy to remember url feature so you can quickly and directly mobilize a site.

Simply type in the domain and place the site url or name after the slash. For example:


Make it mobile with RSS

Here’s a useful PhoneFavs feature you may not have known about…

The PhoneFavs mobilizer can also handle most RSS and atom feeds. This can come in handy in a number of ways. For instance you can save RSS feed links as a Fav, and then access them to see the latest headlines from your feed and the links will be automatically mobilized.

Despite the prevalence of the mobile web these days, many sites still do not offer mobile versions of their content. In cases like that you can use a site’s rss feed to create a mobile version of site on PhoneFavs.

A good example would be the popular social news site Reddit. While the site is mostly text based, it also has a lot of ajax and javascript that may choke mobile browsers and prevent the site from working properly. Also all the links on Reddit go to desktop designed sites.

If you plugin Reddit’s rss feed into PhoneFavs you get a clean and mobile phone adapted version of the site. It loads quickly and all the links to articles will go through the PhoneFavs mobilizer! Click here to add Reddit to your Favs, and you can see it in action in the screenshot below:


You could even setup your own specific group of RSS links in your Favs. Just tag your feed’s as ‘rss‘ or ‘feed‘ to keep them in a special section. Just be sure to click on the mobilizer button to access the mobilized feeds.