deGeo Photo Sharing Privacy Tool

MobileInfocenter has launched a new photo sharing privacy tool for iOS devices. deGeo is a photo sharing app that removes the built in geotags before posting pictures on the web in order to safeguard your locational privacy.

ow iPhone & iPad users can share photos without unwanted locational disclosures. While geotags can be useful for personal reference, automatically including your real-time location along with each photo is probably not the best idea when sharing online. Locational geotag data can potentially disclose some of your most sensitive information including your home address, workplace or daily habits.

Unlike the built in iPhone photo application, deGeo removes your geotags before sharing photos. deGeo purposely does not include the geotags and associated EXIF metadata so users can safely share pictures and also save deGeo’d copies back to their own photo album.

Available now for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch.